Yes! Year 2017, Czech Republic landed 6th safest country in the world. It has very low number of violent crimes and very little terrorist activity over the last year.

The official language is Czech (Čeština). The officially recognized languages are Slovak, German, Russian and English language.

No, Czech Republic uses Czech Koruna ( CZK or Kc) or Czech Crowns. But EURO is acceptable in most markets. Currently 1 EUR equals 26 Kc.

Czech Republic has a temperate continental climate and the temperature difference between summer and winter are high because of the landlocked geographical position. July is the hottest month with the average temperature 21 and the coldest is January , in Prague, the average is -2°C and with the most daily sunshine hours at June. The most period of rain is April-May.

Yes, and you need a Schengen Visa to enter the country.

The standard voltage in Czech Republic is 230 V and 50 Hz frequency. The standard voltage is 220-240v.

The time zone used is CET (UTC+1), and during Summer (DST) is CEST (UTC +2)

You can drink tap water unless there is “do not drink” labels such as on boats, public transport, fountains, rivers and swimming pools.